How to Price a New Kitchen

by Clay Cox Owner/President

In my opinion beginning to price out your remodel project can be the most difficult, maybe even the scariest, part of a kitchen remodel. I can help with this.

To get started you will need to collect as much information on what it will take to get your remodel done. The best way is to isolate the major individual expenses involved in the remodel so you can make the right financial decision.

My experience tells me there are five big ticket items that come with a kitchen remodel. If you can collect the numbers for these five items, you are well on your way to starting your remodel. They are as follows.

Appliances. This is something you can do simply by shopping online or at a local appliance store. The idea is to choose what items you want and “window shop” them. Do not purchase them just yet. All you are looking for is the cost for this typically large ticket item. You can order them when you are ready to go.

Cabinets. A good kitchen design firm will put in the effort to get your business by creating the floor plan, drawings, and pricing for your new kitchen before being hired. The numbers should be 100% accurate for your project and include a compete job price. Once this is done to your satisfaction and after you have researched the firm it’ll be time to choose the cabinet company you like.

Countertops. This is another item that you’ll want to know the cost of as it is one of the larger ticket items in the process. Your kitchen designer should have, as mentioned above, created a floor plan. That floor plan will be the key to getting countertop prices. A good kitchen designer will have sent out to a countertop provider to get accurate numbers so you will know that cost as well.

General Contractor (GC). Another large and unavoidable expense as all kitchen remodels need to be permitted in Collier County. A licensed GC will also be the person with “the plan”. He or she will be organizing and scheduling your project so that it flows seamlessly. Remember the GC is also your plumber, painter, electrician, drywall guy and much, much more so vet them thoroughly and choose carefully.

Flooring. This is often an optional item as many kitchen remodels are done using the same footprint and therefore the floors can stay. As with appliances, you can shop for your new floors without committing to a contract until you are ready to start.

When I meet with a prospective client, we discuss all these items in the first hour of our meeting. I do this with them so they will have a solid grasp of where their money is being spent and for what. It certainly helps when making the final decision.

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Enjoy your home!

Clay Cox

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