How to Choose Where to Exercise

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

The holidays have started and Thanksgiving is now behind us. Some spent the time with family and or friends and others choose to work because their family was not local.

There is nothing like a traditional turkey dinner with all of the fixings; then there is the dessert portion where many people try at least a bite of more than one treat.

Thanksgiving begins the time where nutritional habits are broken. Emotional eating takes place and weight can be gained. Insulin levels can fluctuate and blood sugar levels staying steady are compromised. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to losing will power and really do not think of the consequences; It takes a lot of work to burn off the extra calories consumed.

Keeping yourself on track while celebrations are here is the key to success if you have the will power to do so. Once the “everything in moderation” gets tipped overboard, many continue down this spiral path until after the celebrations are over only to learn that the average person gains between 4-10 pounds.

Thanksgiving is over; Regroup NOW and try to reset your selfcontrol before Christmas and New Years.

So the New Year’s resolution is around the corner. It is common that people give themselves or those they love the gift of fitness for a present. What is right for you ? Usually the goal is to lose weight and initiate or continue some form of activity.

Is it pilates, yoga, interval training, cardiovascular, toning or strengthening that you need? Well, it is usually a combination of these choices that is best.

The key to exercise is to move, utilize muscles in coordinated patterns, and facilitate the muscles for strength training and endurance. If you work hard enough, calories are burned and you can even get your weight back on track.

If you are merely exercising to lose weight, you must get emotionally on track and you need to control the types of foods you eat, the kinds of food eaten, as well as the quantity of food intake. It is not as simple as calories in-calories out. This would be easy. This is why many people start a program and quit within the first 6 weeks.

Fitness Together in downtown Naples is a private personal training and physical therapy studio that is an option to conquer your New Year’s goals. May 10th of this year marked the 10th anniversary of its success. Many fitness facilities come and go but the success of FT being one of the most successful FTs in the country speaks loudly.

At FT, all trainers are certified by nationally recognized organizations. The trainers have a special thirst for knowledge and strive to learn new things. Their understanding of the body’s biomechanics and their ability to recognize movement dysfunctions is a plus. The focus is to work one-on–one with each client to achieve specific goals and to add to the longevity of each person. There is a passion by all to work together as a team and make each client be successful!

Aging gracefully and achieving goals safely are key! Many people exercise but are the right things being done for them? Annette Suridis, coowner of FT states, “Our success is
based on putting our heart and soul into doing the right things for each client. We offer private personal training, nutritional counseling, and private physical therapy.

Our goals are your goals and each of us takes pride in the opportunity to help the client succeed. We use a variety of possibilities based on the latest current literature for exercise and merge them into a program that places your goals within reach.

The programs are monitored. Success is based on being able to adapt the exercise routine each time as needed to facilitate the body to achieve better tone, strength, cardiovascular durability and thus better energy to participate in your daily desires.

Over the years, our clients have ranged in age from 11 to 92. Some clients focus on weight training and other focus on cardiovascular health. Overall, variation in exercises is key to stimulate the body to make corrective changes in strength and endurance. This hard work emphasizes facilitation of proper movement patterns.

The personal training side of FT is very unique. Each client has their own fully equipped private suite so that the emphasis is solely on each individual with no waiting for equipment and privacy in order to work at the level that the client desires without others watching.

At our facility, one-on-one Physical Therapy expertise is also available to focus on proper biomechanics and proper movement patterns with the attempts of correcting imbalances before the body breaks down further. Most have had joint problems that can be helped by using this knowledge of movement dysfunctions.

Give the gift of wellness and consider us when choosing the appropriate place for guidance of a fitness training program or a physical therapy movement screening test. We are here to serve you and our utmost integrity and success speaks for itself.

Here’s to your Health!
For further information, please call Paula at Fitness Together in
downtown Naples 239.263.9348.

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