Home for the Holidays

by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

The holidays will soon be upon us and traveling to see loved ones can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve heard the horror stories over and over; friends who’ve booked flights only to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas sitting in a strange airport all alone surviving on Cinnabons and coffee. Naples Air, Inc. doesn’t want this to happen to you this holiday season.

Although planning ahead is always the best, sometimes circumstances arise that are beyond your control. Overbooked or delayed flights, lost luggage, check-in lines that seem to circle the terminal and the stranger who seems a little strange sitting next to you can put a damper on your holiday cheer.

S o m e t i m e s driving can be an option but other times it’s just not feasible. The drive to Grandma’s might take up your entire holiday break. Have you ever traveled with a family of four plus a dog for more than six hours? Was it a fun experience? If it was a bit challenging, we offer what we think is the best solution; a charter flight with us can make life simpler.

Plus, there always seems to be a grandparent, aunt or uncle who just refuses to come visit you in Naples because they don’t want to deal with busy airports such as Atlanta or JFK. For those relatives, we suggest gifting them a special hassle-free charter flight to come visit you and your family.

If it’s your turn to go home for the holidays – great! Why not treat yourself to a charter flight. We fly families and pets to all parts of the Midwest and Northeast and everywhere in between. If a destination holiday is on your bucket list, we offer flights to many vacation destinations including the tropical Florida Keys and the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

We’re dedicated to serving your air charter needs, planned or unplanned! Whether you need to fly back to your home base for a few days, for the Holidays, an emergency, or fly family here for their much-anticipated warm weather vacation when the snow begins to fall; we can provide the perfect aircraft. We offer jets, turbo props, and piston aircraft for your convenience.

Call us for all of your air charter needs! Naples Air Inc. and Private Jets Inc. may be reached at 239.403.4838 or by visiting www.NaplesAirInc.com and Facebook/NaplesAirInc.

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