Holiday Memories are only a FLIGHT away!

by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Everyone can remember a particular joyous holiday moment. Maybe it was Grandma visiting at Thanksgiving time, and the delicious homemade pies straight from her oven, just barely cooling in her car and the boxes of Fannie May candy that accompanied the pies. Alternatively, all the men heading into the living room to watch the football games, the kids debating which board game to play, and the women deciding who would wash, dry and put away the dishes!

Do you remember waking in the early morning hours before dawn, sneaking out to see what Santa deposited under the tree? I remember tiptoeing with my sisters, peaking around the corner to see my dad, putting together a bike, bleary eyed with tools scattered around, and a mountain of presents taller than any of his six kids were at the time! (Maggie was still a glimmer in their eyes). My mom would still be wrapping presents and “keeping him company”.

It has been 35 years since all the siblings have been together for the holidays. Our family is scattered in nine states now, from Montana to Florida, California to DC. What I would give to see the entire 32 members of the McNamee clan together at Christmas, or have my dad come from Illinois in our jet, on a private charter. However, at 92, his traveling days are over, as he often laments. I remind him that his favorite son-in-law is the jet captain, and still he chuckles and says, “Not this year Catherine, but thanks all the same.”

What about your family? Is there someone you would love to see this holiday season? A family who would love to run on the beach Christmas Day, and with whom you can reminisce about your own childhood memories?

We specialize in bringing people together. Call us for a quote. Naples Air Inc. Where can we fly you today? 239.403.4838

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