Hodges University to offer Tuition Free Self Paced Courses

In today’s world, it seems many students are looking for three things when considering an institution of higher learning: valuable degree
options, an accredited and reputable institution, and the ability to earn a degree quickly without spending too much money. To help reduce the overall cost of a student’s education, Hodges University is offering tuition-free self-paced courses for students who are enrolled full time in on-campus or online courses. “We understand students want options allowing them to complete their degree more rapidly and save on the cost of completing their educational goals. Students who engage in the tuition-free self paced option will save both time and money as they navigate their program of study,” said Brent Passey, vice president of enrollment services at Hodges University. This allows a student to earn credit for his/her knowledge and real-world experience.

Interested students must adhere to a set of guidelines in order to enroll in the tuition-free self-paced courses. Students must be enrolled full
time, which means taking 12 online/standard credit hours. In addition, students must not be required to complete remedial or IEP courses and may not repeat a course in the self-paced learning format. Lastly, the student must possess a 2.0 institutional grade point average; however, new students will be exempt from this requirement. Designed as a tuition-free option, students will still pay for books and other materials necessary to complete the course. If continuously enrolled full time, a student will have six months of access to tuition free self-paced courses; however, if the student drops his/her full-time status, the access will be removed.

Passey admits the new learning format “can be more academically challenging” because of the number of credit hours students will be completing; however, for individuals who need to complete their degree program quickly, it is a valuable option. “Most of the tuition-free self-paced courses, which are included in all undergraduate majors, reside in the liberal arts/general education courses,” he said. Explaining not all of Hodges’ schools offer courses fitting the new format, Passey said, “Our Fisher School of Technology (FSoT) will have the most comprehensive list of course options. However, some of the courses within the Johnson School of Business, as well as most liberal arts/general education courses, which can be taken in the UPOWER format, will also be available in the tuition-free self-paced format regardless of a student’s major.”

Although not all courses are available in the tuition-free self-paced learning format, the university is looking into the possibility of expanding available course options. Before adding more courses, Passey explains each course must be evaluated to determine if the material may be delivered effectively through the tuition-free self-paced learning format and helps the student to achieve the “desired learning outcome.”
“While saving time and money are important, students’ main goal is learning something that will be beneficial to their life, career and community. If we feel that moving a class to the tuition-free self-paced learning format cannot help our students achieve their goal, we will not do it,” he said. A typical course within the tuition-free self-paced learning format includes various learning modules within the coursework. Based on the coursework for each module, an assessment of the student’s command of the material is conducted, and if the score is high enough, he/she may move to the next module until all modules are completed. At that time, the student will take the final exam. If the student passes, he/she will move to the next course; however, if the student needs additional study, a faculty member will guide the students’ progress until the course is completed. For more information about Hodges University’s tuition-free self-paced learning format, contact a Hodges’ admissions coordinator at 1.800. 466.8017 or 1 800.466-0019.

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