Height (and Space) Matters

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

Below is a photo of a unique kitchen that we just finished here in Naples. In this case the homeowner was fully immersed in the design and ultimately all the finish, style and dimension choices.

When I walked in shortly after its completion, I was truly satisfied as to how well it fit the homeowner and the space the kitchen had to offer.

The ceilings in this kitchen are 14 feet tall and to install an industry standard eight-foot tall kitchen in that space would have left six feet of empty wall above the cabinetry and that simply was not going to happen with this homeowner.

The hood sets just two feet from the ceiling at 12 feet in the air. The flanking upper cabinets are a foot lower than the hood at 11 feet. Added to that are three levels of flat top trim which are layered to add an extra nine inches of height all around the kitchen. Outstanding comes to mind.

It is hard to tell but the island is a full 11 feet long and five feet three inches deep. In other words, it is huge and exactly what the space called for.

In addition, it needed a massive piece of quartz for the countertop. We accomplished this by seaming together two slabs of quartz down the middle. Our quartz supplier did such a great job that I had a hard time finding the seam even though I designed it into the project.

The seating on two sides creates a wonderful conversation area as you can sit to eat and talk to your family much like a dining room table. Naturally, we built USB ports into the electric for ease of charging while working.

Notice the full height quartz backsplash behind the cooktop. It takes just the right design and just the right space to pull this look off and this kitchen had both of those down perfectly. Add to that the built-in appliances which we left as stainless steel to emphasize the modern look the homeowner craved. The result is one very creative, beautiful, and unique kitchen.

Enjoy your home!

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