Health, Exercise and Habits

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

In today’s world there are many stresses that can affect overall health. Having excuses to NOT exercise can, in itself, become a habitual reminder to avoid participation. Developing good habits strengthens the chances of having a healthier life and a strengthened immune system.

Poor habits that have been developed are hard to break so why not avoid them. Change the mindset! Saying, “I am very busy no time to exercise.” “I have kids that keep me occupied.” My job involves some lifting and that is tiring enough.” “I am thin and do not need to exercise.” “I have arthritis and cannot participate.” These are thoughts of people that choose not to perform some type of activity.

Isn’t it interesting that whenever we do not want to do something we can develop all kinds of excuses. In actuality, activities are vital so one should consider it imperative to execute some sort of movement.

As far back as the late 1800s, a certain comment, thought or activity repeated over and over could cause one to create a habit. In today’s world, we certainly see this to be true. Whether positive or negative, repetition causes one to believe that a thought is true.

Science has confirmed that thoughts repeated over and over generate impulses and can affect the neurons that carry information to and from the brain. Habits can be eating ice cream before bed, smoking, drinking, and yes, even exercise, can positively impact the rest of your life.

Positive repetition can enforce growth, learning, and healthy habits.

As we all know, the current craze for electronic gadgets has elicited a move in a healthier direction. These gadgets track steps and how far someone walked in a day. Those who are motivated use these devices to track themselves while reaching goals each day. This can also be habit forming and be used to help provide feedback. Pulse and oxygen consumption can also be monitored.

Even atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm problem can be identified. These gadgets are a prompt to enlighten all to their daily mojo.

Advancements provide monitoring. EKGs, blood sugar and other blood levels will one day be monitored on these types of devices. Over time, tracking will be endless.

Having a personal trainer or physical therapist that can guide can enforce accountability. They plan and facilitate the body to want to make positive changes.

Now, why not prepare for what is to come. Why do you think companies are all participating in this frenzy? It is because participation in creating habits that are healthy are and will continue to be in our future. Monitoring yourself and reaching goals can provide both positive emotional and physical health!

Creating good healthy habits are key to one’s longevity. Some say that they will live a long time because their parents and grandparents had long lives BUT it does not mean that will happen with the same quality of life.

Genes certainly cause us to have a predisposition to how we age, embracing the good and forbidding the bad history in families provides physical and emotional well-being. Embracing the positive aspects of life are very beneficial in our daily lives. Negativity can create habits that in the long run are health deterrents.

What type of attitude do you have about life, especially after and during covid? Being educated about the subject would be a good place to start. Most never understood it and formed an opinion based on what was read or heard. Being diligent and responsible for yourself will at least allow each of us to take responsibility for ourselves so learn, practice, and attempt to develop practices that can contribute to your individual health and well-being.

Because of covid, some people started to consider healthy habits so walking or taking a dog for a longer walk commenced. Overtime, however, this new healthy habit may have waned. Others working virtually decreased activities and a more sedentary life began.

Each of us needs to review habits and recognize what habits are crucial to making positive changes. Let’s clear the slate and take a look. Most know what is right and what is wrong regarding health.

Give yourself the opportunity to grow in a healthy way. The following are activities that you may or may not know that can become habit and positively affect you.

  • Every day get up and go outside for some daylight even for the first few minutes. Daylight upon waking helps your circadian rhythm.
  • Breathe through your nose as it will help to increase oxygen transport through the body.
  • Do a few exercises to limber the body. Exercise should belike brushing your teeth. It should become a habit. Then consider a trainer or specialist to help you develop a plan of exercise that can be followed and progressed and make you excel!
  • Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing so that your digestive track does not have to work so hard to break the food down.
  • Drink plenty of water as it will help for motility and help the body for all activities.

In the articles to come, exercise and the current trends will be discussed. Please take the time for you, develop more positives in your life than negatives and allow yourself to flourish!

Here’s to your health!

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