Hair and pH – different ways to refresh faded ends

Erick Carter

Erick Carter

by Erick Carter

Refreshing ends of previously colored hair with a high pH color is not the ideal choice. The colored ends have experienced the shock of the high pH from the original service. Most color manufacturers realized the need for a lower pH on the ends, which gave birth to demi-permanent hair color. It’s low, or in some case no ammonia, allows a deposit only effect. The demi-permanent color does more than just stain the cuticle, it lifts the cuticle layer and deposits into the cortical fiber of the hair.

Hair ColoringIn order to do so a higher than neutral pH is needed as well as an activator, however it accomplishes this while maintaining a lower pH than permanent hair color. Please note that demi-permanent color is not designed to lighten or give gray coverage.

The ultimate choice for refreshing ends is a direct dye. Direct dyes are as simple as they sound, the dye is applied directly from the container no activator is needed. The pH of a direct dye is similar to most shampoos. It is made to deposit color onto the hair and it only stains the outer layer of the hair, it does not lift the cuticle layer and never ever has ammonia. The best and easiest way for you at home to use a direct dye is in a shampoo.

At SALON ZENERGY we carry a shampoo line containing several different colors of direct dyes, allowing us to customize color for your special needs. The results have been amazing in keeping rich vibrant hair color.

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