Great Deal of Excitement … a message from your publisher Reg Buxton

As I look forward to 2022 it is with a great deal of excitement. Our beloved City of Naples is a wonderful place to be whether it’s year-round or during our famous Season.

It is also the time of year that families get together enjoying one another’s company, reminiscing and sharing what they anticipate in the coming year. It’s a joy to watch excited youngsters who still believe in Santa Claus and his merry troupe. I remember the many years that I put out a plate with cookies and a glass of milk only to find an empty plate and glass in the morning replaced by gifts around the tree. Also, I vividly remember the year that I found out the jolly fellow was not real. I think back to years gone by, pause to think of those times and the joy and warmth they brought to a very small boy.

In short, we are fortunate to have everything we need right here in Naples: great food, beautiful environment, contemporary and classical entertainment, safe streets, friends some of which have become our family of choice, beaches and most of all our loved ones.

In my New Year’s column, I have never included a wish for the upcoming year. This year is different as I feel a great need to ask for the following: We have important elections in 2022 that will decide the shape and future of Naples. In the last local election that was looked at as one of great importance only 50 percent of registered voters voted. Those who didn’t vote said what happened?! Voting is a privilege given to us by our constitution, fought and died for by many. My wish would be no matter what your beliefs or political party get out and VOTE!!

Wishing everyone a prosperous and enjoyable New Year! 

Reg Buxton

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