Get To Know Maestro Alexander Goldstein a Naples Jewel

He’s been called ‘Renaissance Man’ in many situations and by various publications. Music composer, award-winning cinematographer, the world’s leading authority on music in sports that require music as part of their competitive performances, Alexander composed 27 feature film scores and has over 300 documentary scores to his credit. Forty-one Olympic medalists won competing with music he arranged or edited. Athletes and coaches of all levels use Goldstein’s world-famous, innovative website. Maestro Goldstein’s symphonic and chamber compositions are now in repertoires of many musicians and orchestras worldwide.

How is it possible for such different careers to reside in one man, many ask?

Alexander Goldstein at Golden Trio Concert

Rare and unique, Alexander Goldstein is Naples’ hidden jewel. Unassuming, modest and frequently unrecognized, he enjoys his low-key status in local paradise. It offers him creative solitude. Since relocating nearly two decades ago, Maestro Goldstein has composed such notable works as Neapolitan Symphony, Rotissimo Suite, Rhapsody on the Theme of Albinoni, Trio on the Roof and others. His compositions are classical in structure yet bring in fresh sound, are very entertaining and beloved by classical and modern music Maestro is often asked about the process of music composing. “Like speaking another language, I have started learning music very early in my childhood, and speak it fluently. I do not need to immediately write down the music that is created in my mind. It usually comes to me during my strolls down our magnificent Naples beaches. When I actually sit down to transfer it down to the score, it is no longer to paper. Everything is done electronically these days. Granted, I needed to relearn digitally inputting my notes, but once I mastered it, the computer offered many conveniences. The best one, I can immediately hear what I composed.”

ABG World Video and Audio Production, Alexander’s production company is locally based, has been making various TV shows, music concert recordings and documentaries about early Southwest Florida history as well as serving the local population in need of related tasks. Documemory™, an ABG World creative process, starts with digitizing personal printed archives to create a legacy film for all family to cherish for generations. Mr. Goldstein makes all major components of production himself – directing, filming, editing on Hollywood-level software, and of, course, adding SFX and music.

It’s the Renaissance Man Effect and those who are lucky enough to experience it personally, appreciate it and return for more.


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