Friends of Foster Children Forever fosters change through academic success

Friends of Foster Children Forever (FFCF) announced the launch of their new program, Fostering Change Through Academic Success recently. This initiative provides a continuum of educational support for foster children from birth to graduation and beyond.

The new program provides a range of educational support through three major transitions in a child’s life: Ready for Five, Academic Mentoring and Fostering Transitions to Success.

• READY FOR FIVE helps connect and enroll foster children ages zero to five in quality early learning opportunities, receive assessments and access necessary interventions.

• ACADEMIC MENTORING provides one-on-one customized academic mentoring for up to three hours per
week to foster children in grades K-12 who are struggling academically.

• FOSTERING TRANSITIONS TO SUCCESS provides academic mentoring as needed beyond case closure, to ensure they are on track to graduate from high school and progress to post-secondary education or vocational training. “These programs are extremely vital to the foster children we serve,” says Jane Billings, Executive Director of FFCF.

“We are often the only stability in the child’s life. Sadly, only 50 percent of foster children graduate high school. These children are moved from home to home and need consistency and encouragement in their lives.”
In 2016, FFCF programs helped more than 950 foster children in Southwest Florida. The new program to start at
birth and follow the child through graduation and beyond is unique to Southwest Florida and the nation.

The FFCF mission is to focus on the children they serve by providing targeted educational and enrichment opportunities that allow each child to fulfill his or her potential. The charitable organization works to fulfill the unmet needs of every child who enters, or is at risk of entering the foster care system in Collier, Hendry and Glades Counties. For more information about Friends of Foster Children of Forever (FFCF) or how to help, visit or call 239.262.1808.

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