For 2023, Would You Like a Mixie? An Octopus? Or a Layered Curve?

Erick Carter

We will be seeing old friends mixed with new twists in hair styles in 2023. What happens when the pixie meets a southern favorite “the mullet? “It becomes “The Mixie,” shorter layers with a disconnected drop out back.

Remember “The Rachel” from the 90s? Say hello to “The Octopus.” Layer “The Rachel” more at the top with choppier less blended pieces in-between and longer chopped lengthy at the bottom. They will fall like the tentacles of an octopus, along with a full spikey bang.

The Mixie

If you enjoy long hair and don’t want to see the left look in your style, “The Layered Curved” may be for you. This style works on longer to medium-long lengths and is designed to give an hourglass figure to your hair. This can be achieved by building volume in the hair on top while maintaining weight through the bottom.

The Octopus

What we are seeing a lot of the past cuts changed to the hybrid cuts. Clients are bringing in different styles and pointing out what they like. It’s our job as artist to bring it all together.

So don’t be afraid to mix old and new. Maybe you’ll come up with the next “Mixie.”

Erick Carter,

Salon Zenergy


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