Experience one-of-a-kind Custom Garage

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions is seriously taking garages to the next level by serving luxury automobile owners with one-of-a-kind custom garage experiences. If you can dream it, then Blue Diamond can certainly create it. They specialize in transforming messy garages into the ultimate garage experience within your home.

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions started off as a spin-off from sixteen-year-old entrepreneur, Brennen Seaman’s successful business, Detailers of Naples. Brennen had been a car
enthusiast since he was a little boy and he launched Detailers of Naples to bring high-end automobile detailing services to the luxury car lovers of the Naples community.

Brennen’s business started by offering white-glove detailing, restoring, and maintaining services to his clients, but then Brennen had a vision to change the way luxury automobile lovers showcased their world-class vehicles. He understood that many of his client’s automobiles represented a significant investment and he wanted to create unique, luxurious spaces to match.

As a result Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions was founded in 2020 when Brennen partnered with local businessman, Alan Forbus. Alan came to Blue Diamond with over thirty years of
experience high-growth company operations and specific expertise in luxury facility building and maintenance. He was thrilled to use his experience to help luxury automobile owners turn their boring garages into lifestyle amenities with stylish designs.

Together Brennen and Alan made the perfect team and Blue Diamond quickly took off. They credit their growing success to them making it their company’s mission to create long-lasting win-win relationships throughout the community. They believe that connecting with people and following that connection by amazing service and always giving more than is expected is the most important part of business. You are sure to catch the Blue Diamond name around town as they have been teamed up in local charity events with business partners like Porsche and Ferrari to benefit the Naples community further.

Blue Diamond is excited to announce they have expanded to North Texas this month even though the company was founded just a little over a year ago. Blue Diamond’s success in serving the
Southwest Florida community has spilled over with a demand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their focus on quality has been a thread that they credit to their success and that will surely carry
through to their first franchise and many to come.

Blue Diamond truly puts their heart and soul into each job and client relationship they acquire. Their attention to detail and focus on bringing their customer’s vision to life really sets them
apart. Whether you are looking for new flooring, custom storage solutions, or just need some decorative car-signage, Blue Diamond is the team you need.

Visit www.bluediamondgarage.com to check out their full list of services and book your free consultation today.

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