Diana Jarrett says get SMARTER

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

In a marriage made in tech-connected heaven, one of the latest incarnations of wearable technology solves many a modern lady’s tight spots. We go out with a small bejeweled clutch for social events, right? Not much room for the myriad staples we carry around during the daytime—but that’s exactly the point, isn’t it?

Socializing is the time we’re free from the obligation of lugging around every essential we may need ‘just in case’ during the day. But one thing we never let loose of is our mobile phone. Smart wearables are bridging this gap between connectivity and luxurious accessorizing now. The niche market of wearable technology fuses what we need with what we want, and all beautifully packaged to fit our modern aesthetic.

One such early adapter is Kotur Ltd. who created #getsmartbag for you and me. It frees your iPhone from your bag. Yup, these gorgeous jewel-like minaudières allow you to make a call, send messages even take pictures at the snazzy events you attend; all without ever taking your phone out.                                                       #GETSMARTBAG BY KOTUR LTD.

Call this total control. Now you understand why these clever must-haves are ubiquitous at red carpet events. Look smart as can be at events you’ll be attending this season. Stay as connected as you want effortlessly. And once you remember phrases like ‘wearable technology’ you can begin to search for more smart jewelry and accessories that make your life both elegant and connected.
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