When the Designer Speaks by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Diana Jarrett GG RMV

One of the key attractions for jewelry collectors is what their pieces say about the wearer. Today more than ever, a jewelry fan wears what best expresses their personal preferences, their tastes, and on occasion their sense of humor or their pet loves.


For instance, the Duchess of Windsor was a cultivated jewelry collector and over time a distinct preference developed in her private collection. She loved animals, in particular wild cats. So the legendary jewelry houses of Europe created bejeweled and exquisite panthers and wild cats for the Duchess. They became her signature.

So we love the role that jewels take on—the silent messenger of each wearer. Still there’s another story to be told—and that of the designer. Let’s not forget that artistic jewelry designers also speak through their original works. What moves the designer will often show up in his or her work. It’s a joyful task for the beholder to learn what that artist is conveying.


Designer Alex Soldier’s Flower of Life for instance draws inspiration from ancient reflections of the purpose of human life. Notice the colorful motif of this one-off jewel. It’s artfully crafted with 18K gold and diamonds, plus a rainbow of naturally colored precious stones; amethyst, iolite, peridot, ruby, citrine, and garnet. But one begins to notice the wheel taking form from the arrangement of imaginatively placed jewels. And life rolls by every day whether we are mindful of it or not, doesn’t it?


Soldier counts the world’s most stylish taste makers as clients, and it’s easy to see why. His original creations speak to a certain person and resonate with that one client who finds his work articulates something about their own sensibilities. His Flower of Life is an original work of art—but then again so is the fortunate owner. This is what separates true signature pieces that complement the wearer from simple accessories that have no voice. Timelessness replaces trends and the wearer finds her voice with one piece she loves.


When you are shopping for something special to add to your jewelry wardrobe, take note of the intent of the designer—much like what we see with Alex Soldier’s work, and fall in love with something you’ll cherish for life.

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