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Works as an ally for SWFL property owners and non-profit organizations during hurricane recovery efforts.

by Blake Day, Public Adjuster
Clean-up after Hurricane Ian has brought out the best and the worst.

Many have stepped in to help their neighbors while scammers still manage to take advantage of others in desperate situations. Scammers can be confusing, and I’ve been speaking at various town hall meetings trying to bring awareness to this issue. I’ve also been encouraging those in need of services to consult with local professionals before making hasty decisions.

Public Adjusters help with your claims, so check their credentials. It’s important that the person or firm you choose is indeed carrying a license and bond from the state in which your loss occurred. You can find out if your public adjuster is licensed and bonded by calling your state department of insurance, or by visiting your state’s website for licensee searches.

It’s a must do before signing anything. Legit Public Adjusters are highly regulated by the state in which they practice and mandated to operate according to state standards and statutes. And, according to a government report (No.10-06) produced by OPPAGA (Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability), using a Public Adjuster increases insurance claim payout by 747%.

There is no need to fight corporate insurance alone, it is the policyholders’ right to have a professional public adjuster represent them in order to receive every penny entitled to under the terms of your insurance policy.

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