by Erick Carter

Why is this important? Simply this: A great style starts with a great haircut.

Prior to Vidal Sassoon, the style was based on the hairdresser’s ability to set hair. Sassoon changed that. Now, a great style starts with a great haircut, and that means starting with balance – the balance points of your head shape.

Clients will often come in with the balance reversed and/or have too many layers in an attempt to gain fullness.

Understanding the balance points of the head shape is important in the beginning of a great cut. Those same balance points can help when performing a corrective cut.

If the layers are at the wrong balance points, it can give the opposite results. For example, if you are trying to achieve height on top of your head and don’t cut the layers on the balance point, your hair will fall flat. It may cause a cowlick to stand out. Your hair may split causing a hole in your style at the back of your head.

It is equally important to understand the length of a layer. Even if the layers are placed at the proper balance point, the wrong length may have the same effect as stated above. The right layers can help your hair move in the direction you desire.

As a Vidal Sassoon trained stylist and Irvin Rusk trained stylist and educator, I understand the importance of balance. I have worked with many clients to bring balance back to their hair.

But please remember that it takes time to grow out shorter pieces. It is worth it. It will make styling at home so much easier.

I would like to invite all readers to write in your questions. You can do so by email or call me at 239.777.2380.

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