Building loyalty – by Clay Cox

by Clay Cox, Owner/President
Kitchens by Clay

We are in the local building business and the one thing we know for sure is that building loyalty is the most important thing we can accomplish in the course of any year.

The funny thing is that doesn’t just mean loyalty among and with our clients, it also means loyalty with our fellow trade partners. Naturally we want to do the best we can for our clients. That means from our first meeting with prospective clients we understand the need for being frank and upfront.

For example, if asked to do something we are not comfortable with and/or does not fit within the parameters we have established for our business, the best thing we can do for all is to say so at the beginning. Starting out with honesty can only breed a better relationship because we not only build kitchens, we simultaneously build relationships.

Once hired it is simple. We do what we promised to do. Simply put, we build loyalty with our clients by being honest, forthright and delivering as promised. The end result is a circle of loyal friends who in turn refer us to new clients.

On the other hand, our local trade partners need just as much attention when it comes to building a loyal relationship. Think about it. We can create an incredible design for you, price it fairly and show up with a beautiful set of cabinets, but it isn’t enough to build your kitchen.

We still need electricians, plumbers, dry wall people, painters, and countertop makers to name a few. Over the last 25 plus years we have met, and built loyal relationships with many different trades and we take great pride in freely introducing them to our clients and prospective clients.

We base these loyal trade partner relationships on quality of work, fair pricing, being on time and attitude. After all, these are the people who help to make us what we are and these are the people who will help us to build the loyalty we desire from our clients.

So when you start looking, stop by and take a listen to us because, I can assure you that we will listen to you with the hopes of starting a wonderful relationship and designing a beautiful kitchen for you.

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