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At the Naples Art Association, art is our passion. And, because of that, we tend to notice art more readily than others. It’s the design of a filtered milk carton at the local grocery store; the graphics on the videogame your child or grandchild can’t put down; the hymns you sing in church; the design the ocean creates along the shoreline; the chaturanga you participate in in yoga class; and even the tattoo on the guy’s arm beside you at the gas station. Art truly is everywhere.

Art affects our lives in ways both indirect and obvious, ordinary and unexpected.

For instance, do you like gardening? Landscaping is an art form of its own that is so noticeable in our daily lives in Southwest Florida, that we may not recognize it as such. We plant with an idea in mind: color, form, height, length; we decide what to pull and what to fertilize; yard work is art.

When you walk along 5th Avenue South under the canopy of oak boughs and golden trumpet trees and pass an eclectic mix of modern and historic architecture and inviting parks and plazas, you are surrounded by art. And, with the recent installation of the “Paint the Town” mural on 5th to cover up the construction process, art took center stage and became a way to bring the community together.

The NAA is grateful for it’s many volunteers

When you take a drive and notice a billboard, that is art. Sure, it’s advertising, but it captures your attention with images. Logos, coupons, print ads, even Facebook ads, it’s all art.

So, what do we take from this? If art is all around you, why aren’t you participating in it? At the Naples Art Association, there are so many ways to partake in the arts. Whether you attend a mosaic or pottery class or a painting a day workshop; visit one of the ongoing exhibitions to simply view others’ work; volunteer to assist others on their artistic journey; or visit the NAA’s extensive selection of artwork and gifts available for purchase at the gift shop, get involved.

Take a closer look at your own world and open your eyes to the ways the arts and imagination affect—and improve—your life.

For more information about the Naples Art Association and how you can get involved, please visit or call 239.262.6517.

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