Bahama Blue Spirits

by Meg Stepanain

Peter Flood


Can the distilled spirits market support another vodka or rum? Peter Flood, owner of Abaco Marketing and Investments, Inc. of Naples says absolutely! Flood, founder and developer of Bahama Blue Rum and Bahama Blue Vodka is excited to announce the 1st quarter release of these two new specialty premium distilled spirits he plans to distribute through Abaco Marketing and Investments, Inc.

Both products are produced in the USA and will be available to the public March 1, 2015.

Through the years Flood watched, and listened carefully on his travels, realizing that consumers continue to graduate toward craft, distilled beverages. Industry research backs this up, noting growth of the premium distilled spirits market over the next 10 years will prove to be a remarkable segment in the distilled spirits market.

The Bahama Blue Vodka and Rum will bring a unique and highly mixable twist to the craft spirits market, as they are blue in color and provide a premium taste. Both products are 80% proof and will be sold in 750ml bottles.

“Caribbean blue waters and “Chilling Out” on the out islands of the Caribbean are the inspiration for Bahama Blue Premium Rum,” says Flood. “The island dream is realized with the distillation of the perfect “BLUE” Rum/Vodka that captures the island state-of-mind while ensuring that ‘Everything’s Cool.’ “

The company has retained long time consultant in the field, Dan Wilson to assist in marketing the products. “At this time we believe the market is ready for these new specialty products unique to the premium distilled spirits market and we are very excited about the quality of our products,” says Wilson. “Having completed some blind taste tests and informal focus groups, our products will stand out and command a fair share of the premium vodka and rum market.”

Wilson indicated that initial marketing efforts will be concentrated locally in the South Florida geographies and will then expand through out the State of Florida.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States indicates overall consumption of distilled spirits, in wine gallons is up 4% in Florida for
2013 v 2012 and is just above the growth of 3.2% nationally for the same period. Also highlighted by the council, vodka is the Spirit of the Industry.

The U.S. vodka market (volumes by year and price category) indicates a 103% growth rate in the premium vodka category from the period
2002-2013. Conservative estimates in the premium rum category show an increase of 36% for the same period.1 Over the past few years, distillers have experimented with rums. These new premium brands now account for around 53% of all rums sold in the U.S.2 Likewise the newer premium vodka brands now account for 24% of all vodkas sold in the U.S.3 Flood is extremely excited by how well the products have been received locally during testing.

Folks are coming up with stunning presentations, that combined with the unforgettable flavor will provide the consumer the ultimate craft beverage.

Stay tuned Abaco Marketing and Investments, Inc. has a planned Bahama Breeze Brand line extension into the sun products category.  Completely unique this product will be introduced by mid 2015.

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