Art Makes the World a Brighter Place

by Cynthia Adams and Richard W. Rosen

What has proven to be a most unusual year for just about everyone has left many of us longing for something to brighten our days as week after week, month after month, we find ourselves living under such different circumstances.

Joel Shapses

Art can be that connection to another world that will lift our spirits when we experience it, whether to contemplate the beauty or mystery of a painting, or ponder what it felt like for the photographer in that moment when he captured those egrets in flight while out in the Everglades. And just what was the inspiration behind the intricate execution of that piece of jewelry that makes you feel so special each time you wear it?

Perhaps every morning you start your day with a cup of coffee in that beautiful handmade mug that you bought at the pottery studio while you were with a fun group of friends, and now every time you drink your coffee it brings a smile to your face as you relive that shared time together with people you love.

Sandee Mahler of Art Edge Gallery

That is what art does – it connects us with a creative, universal energy that flows through an artist’s mind and hands and becomes a creation that one gets to enjoy for a lifetime. And often the circumstances around the purchase of a piece of art become just as much a part of one’s life story.

When we look at our personal collections that have been acquired over the past years it is easy to be reminded of the fun had working with an artist on a commission and the friendship that resulted from that time. The painting on the wall that was purchased while on a great trip, or fondly recalling the sculpture that might have been the first purchase of original art which set the wheels in motion for a lifetime of collecting. Our art tells the story of our lives and of the many creative souls that have crossed our paths and shared their talents with us.

Over the past fifteen years, in an industrial park in North Naples, an enclave of artists from around the country have slowly and steadily been making this place their artistic home, creating what is now known as the Naples Art District. What started as a small group of 16 original participants, interested in opening their galleries and studio spaces to the public once a month, has now grown into a membership of 70 artists. Numerous monthly art events designed for the public to experience the creative process and see beautiful works of art in an expansive variety of mediums has become the norm during their November through April season. By 2016, this steady growth ultimately allowed for the ability to incorporate and become a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Rosen Gallery and Studio

With the development of a new and very comprehensive website this past summer, everything you need to know about our members, available classes and workshops, special events, and scheduled open house art walks is readily available.

Please enjoy exploring our website at, and better yet we look forward to having you visit our studios and galleries!

Featured photo is Mary Day of Small Walls Gallery

Cynthia Adams is Past President of the Naples Art District and artist owner with her spouse Steve, of casa | art | studio. Artist Richard W. Rosen is the founder of NAD and owns Rosen Gallery & Studios with his spouse Tracy

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