Art After Dark

C    rayton Cove has beginArt after darknings stretching back to the early
1900’s when it was referred to as “The Back Bay”. It has
been the home of numerous businesses over the years that
have played a strong role in the early growth of Naples,
and continues to be a charming commercial community where
Naples’ history and culture can be found. Historically, it has had a
lot of “firsts” in Naples. The first pharmacy, Naples’ first newspaper,
the first condominium hotel; the Cove Inn, the Great Dock Canoe
Race; the Dock Restaurant and, currently, the first concentration of
professional Naples artists in a working community.

The Cove Inn has been open since 1964, four years after hurricaneart after dark 2
Donna devastated Naples, including much of the downtown area.
Five years later it became one of the first successful condominium
hotels in the state of Florida. It continues to offer its guests a
spectacular view of Naples
Bay and the City Dock and is
a cornerstone of Crayton Cove.
Staying in Crayton Cove
offers the chance to experience
the feeling of Naples, the way
it used to be. There’s always
something special about being near the water.

In 2009, artist, Phil Fisher, moved his gallery/studio from 5th
Ave. S. to Art afrt dark 3Crayton Cove and encouraged the three other studio/
galleries, (Jerry Vallez Studio, Earth & Fire and Art Gallery Old
Naples,) to work together as “The Galleries of Crayton Cove.” As a
group, they started an event called “Art After Dark” on the second
Saturday of each month during season to offer a festive evening
where the public is invited to come and experience artwork created
by these professional Naples artists while enjoying refreshments
and live local music. This event has continued to flourish as hasart after dark 4
the quality of artists and galleries moving into Crayton Cove. As
well as the Phil Fisher Gallery, Earth & Fire and Art Gallery Old
Naples 2, Nora Butler Designs, Arsenault Gallery, Random Acts
of Art and Guess-Fisher Gallery: Nestled In The Cove are part of
this professional artist community in Old Naples, all within a oneblock
walk by the bay.

The Cove Inn and the Galleries of Crayton Cove have started
a partnership where the artwork of the artists represented by these
galleries is featured on the walls of the hotel lobby. It offers a
sampling of work available by these artists and a directory with a
map of where they are located. Come and experience some culture
and history of our charming NaArt After dark 5ples, Florida, in Crayton Cove.
“Art After Dark” is January 11th from 6 to 9 p.m., located at
8th Street South and 12th Avenue South. Meet us by the Flagpole.

Come stroll the Galleries of Crayton Cove and get a bite to eat
at one of our award winning restaurants!

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