Art After Dark – August 2019

Crayton Cove is historically one of the earliest commercial areas servicing the people of Naples.

It has always had a charm that is unique to this waterfront niche in the downtown district. It currently consists of some of Naples’ best restaurants and quaint family owned businesses.

This time of the year is a great time to venture to this part of town and experience “no waiting” at Bleu Provence, The Dock At Crayton Cove, The Boat House, Cove Inn Café, Napoli On The Bay or Chez Boët and enjoy a memorable meal with friends or family.

The Naples Ships Store, Random Acts of Art, Phil Fisher Gallery and Guess-Fisher Gallery are here offering unusual and artistic items while featuring some of Naples’ best art.

The Naples City Dock is also located here stretching out into the Naples Bay, offering a peaceful walk among the various boats at rest or waiting to be chartered.

There are advantages to being here this time of the year! The numbers will be climbing soon so take the time to explore what Naples has to offer while the roads aren’t as busy. The reasons we live in a place many like to visit become obvious.


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