Ahead of the Curve Kitchen Design

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

We at Kitchens by Clay take great pride in staying at the forefront of kitchen design. The photograph on this page is a great example of our efforts.

As you can see, we are using a textured material for the bulk of the cabinetry. This wood grain material is relatively new to the market and is seeing a surge in its popularity.

Adding wood grain to kitchens is a must for future kitchens. The islands are a mix of texture and white product to balance out the open shelf white areas you see in the photo. Notice how the display areas are down low instead of the glass doors all along the top that you typically see in new kitchens today.

Our design called for the cabinetry all along the kitchen window wall to be at 10’ tall and open to the 14’ ceiling at the top.

In contrast the cabinetry along the refrigerator wall on the right finishes off at 12’ tall. At this point we dropped the soffit to make this “all tall” wall look completely inset into the wall itself.

This is a powerful look for a larger sized kitchen. Right and left of the refrigerator there are two niches built into the cabinetry. These have aluminum framed doors with frosted glass inserts that slide by each other for access. This creates a great place to hide small appliances as well as create an overall look that is out of this (design) world.

This kitchen has modern “built-in” appliances which as you can see, we did not add wood panels to. We wanted the stainless-steel contrast to add still one more focal point.

Lighting in each of the display niches is created by using LED tape lights which lend itself to a visually straight unbroken line of light in each cabinet. These are controlled by a wall dimmer for on and off as well as more, or less, light as desired.

Lastly, Quartz countertops were used for the work surfaces. Remember that although quartz is a “man-made” product it contains granite giving it the durability and strength of granite but with a controllable overall texture for consistency. Note the thickness and that the outside island has “waterfall” sides going down to the floor.

Enjoy your home,

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