Ahead of its Time

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

Reaching back into our archives I found the photo below which is a kitchen that Kitchens by Clay designed, built, and installed some six years ago.

The beauty of this photo is that the design was before its time. Many of the showcase items seen here are being regularly designed into the kitchens we will be installing in 2021 simply because they are timeless.

Let us start with the twin islands. The beauty is that the cook can have his or her private prep space with the working island being so much closer to the cooktop which is over by the window. The sink, dishwasher, trash and recycle are all on this island ready for the cook to use.

The outer island is perfect for entertaining and with the waterfall edged countertop, spectacular to look at.

The ceilings in this home are 14 feet tall. We brought the cabinets up to 10 feet tall leaving a wonderfully comfortable two foot space above the cabinetry.

Now, notice the dark colored trim work in the dropped soffit and the artistic pieces in the photo. We went ahead and stained the interior of the glass door cabinets to match these decorative features. This gave a terrific balance to the kitchen while managing to bring all the area together as one design feature.

We loved the balance of the refrigerator being flanked by twin ovens leaving that back “all tall wall” with an incredible amount of pantry storage space while housing these key appliances.

All in all, this large kitchen and family room style, with its great site lines, is a cohesive, easy to live with and easy to accessorize design.

One last note, white kitchens are still the most popular color choice in kitchens today!

Enjoy your home,

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