A New Destination In Naples Has Arrived!

Alamoby Susan E. Bush
Alamo Marketing & Events

The Alamo Indoor Shooting Range, an experience for everyone to enjoy opened its doors to the public this year. Welcoming experienced hobbyists to novice individuals who desire instruction. The Alamo is equipped with an array of amenities that will reach many interests!

Located near the crossroads of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Airport Road. The Alamo’s architecture itself will intrigue you to take a tour. A grand retail floor and staff will welcome you as you enter. The clean, refined and upscale environment is impressive, yet remains approachable for all!


Stacey Walker and Jessica Connolly, experienced and professional Alamo Firearm Instructors, have outlined what to expect from The Alamo as well as options available.

Stacey is an active City of Naples official for the past 15 years. In total, he has 27 years industry experience. As firearms started as a hobby, it
evolved into participation in Olympic Style Small Bore competitions and International Shooting Unions as well as a career for Stacey.

Jessica has been a professional shooter and instructor for the past four years, highly involved with the Women’s Shooting League and continues to grow her firearm education through industry academy courses.


The Alamo is like no other indoor range you will encounter outside of government facilities. It has classrooms, retail, instruction, a gunsmith, café area, a deluxe air filtration system and an elite lounge for presidential members.

The Alamo accommodates open range shooting, veteran packages, general memberships and an exclusive presidential club membership. Email concierge@alamorange.com to take a presidential tour!

When you walk through the door, individuals are struck by the ambiance of the facility. Our staff will discover your needs and what you would like to focus on. A New Destination In Naples Has Arrived! Giving you the tools to make an informed decision about training and education that is best for you as well as what type of firearm suits you most.

Recreational – Home Defense – Self Defense – Hunting – Competition – Bulls eyes Visitors can complete registration and waiver online or at The Alamo. A brand new shooter will be provided with a Firearm Briefing in the range that will include safety, operations of the firearm and how to fire accurately. Rental firearms, targets and safety equipment are available. Our staff encourages further training with one of our instructors or register for an instructional class.


The Alamo has designed its class schedule to include opportunities for everyone. We offer individual growth or Group Training (up to 12) for
corporate teams, families, churchs, men and women’s groups, realtors, etc.

The most popular class is Introduction to Handguns to acquaint the new or prospective shooter with the different types of handguns available. Topics include, how they operate and safe handling and use. This course is typically followed up with the Concealed Carry Course.

The Alamo offers a complimentary Family Firearms Safety class that stresses the safety and balance of security and accessibility of firearms in the home. Our Refuse to be a Victim course is a non-shooting class that provides helpful tips and techniques to avoid dangerous situations.
The hobby shooter may look for classes such as Defense Pistol 1, 2 & 3 that display discipline of how to use your firearm in an emergency situation, the right way to take care and practical use of your firearm.

Both Private and Group Instruction are available for continued education.

The staff at Alamo looks forward to your visit! We will ensure you have a grand experience at any level! Please visit www.alamorange.com or email training@alamorange.com with interest. Our doors are open for visits and tours daily!

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