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Reg Buxton Publisher Life In Naples Magazine

A few thoughts
• Why does City Council raise taxes?

• Why does City Council ask for donations to build the new pier?

• Speaking of piers why would the City bring FEMA into the pier equation?

• How could the City Attorney say Senate Bill CS/CS/SB 250: Natural Emergencies did not affect the City?

• How do we allow members of Congress to openly back terrorist groups?

• Special Operations Forces are being cut by 10-20%. Yet as a Nation we ask why haven’t we sent them to get American hostages out?

• Did Big Wolf Lodge say they would not build here unless given $15M by the County?

• In the March 2024 City election the incumbents or their like minded replacements will run as a slate for the four seats being contested. Will the four others running do the same?

• What was the cost difference between a 100 year storm pier replacement and one built for a lesser storm?

• In The Bahamas where similar pier construction is used they pull every third board when a storm comes. Did we do so?

• In the County 72.8 % of the land cannot ever be built on. Do we need to make that percentage bigger?

• The fixing of Pine Ridge and Immokalee Roads is about to start. Have you heard any cheers?

• If you have insurance coverage with CITIZENS and they turn you over to another company, that company can charge you 20% more and you are obligated to accept. How is that fair or even reasonable?

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