by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

This year, season has been busy for all of us and that’s a great thing! From restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers to popular tourist attractions, everyone seems to be particularly happy with our seasonal residents shopping habits.

Here at Naples Air, we’ve flown a lot of visitors from Canada and Europe to The Bahamas, Key West and Orlando on day trips and overnight trips. The destinations are close enough to be convenient and different enough to be an exciting getaway.

Our Citation II jet, with a range of 1500 miles, has also been very busy. From Chicago to Baltimore and everywhere in between,
our pilots got a chance to experience some milder than usual, but still some cold winter weather.

We’ve flown to Canada, Grand Cayman and Mexico and are quoting many trips for April and May as snowbirds make plans to fly back to their summer homes.

Travelers often ask if we can match them up with other people traveling to the same destination. For instance, New York metro
area where Teterboro is the airport most often used for charter fleets. My answer is always that they probably know other people
who live in their same area up North. I suggest they try and get some of those people to agree on when they want to travel and
then we can make the arrangements. When passengers share a plane it’s still considered a charter; the advantage being they share
the cost and we’re happy to accommodate when people organize their own group. Our jet can accommodate seven passengers with light luggage.

We expect the summer months to be busy again this year with summer family vacations. The weather in the Great Lakes states,
as well as New England, and the beach towns along the Carolinas and Georgia are something to behold during the summer months and are all destinations for summer fun.

So whether you want to fly to your summer home up North or plan a summer getaway, we’d be happy to quote flights in our
Citation II jet, Cheyenne III turbo prop, and Piper Navajo. Call 239.403.4838 and check our website at www.NaplesAirInc.com
and www.Facebook.com/NaplesAirInc Thank you snowbirds for the vibrancy you bring to our community!


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