Personal finances reveal a lot about what a person truly identifies as important in their life. When people go through hard times and difficult seasons, they have to ultimately decide what matters most to them in that exact moment. It could be having to sell the house, having to relocate, or having to take another job after losing a spouse.

These hard times are already difficult to process without starting to think about the financial toll that comes along with them. The last thing you want to do is go into a big box financial advisory office and try to hold it together while you are pushed into a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all service model.

Sure, these large corporations have access to a lot of resources, but they also have to spread those resources broadly to pay for bloated salaries for eight levels of management, huge staffs, and high-rise office buildings in the big city – all of which you could not care less about when your world is collapsing on you. Not to mention that often decisions are made to insulate the financial interests of the company and significant resources are spent defending them instead of improving services for their customers.

The bottom line: Your finances are personal and deserve proper attention and care. You can’t just sit back and watch your life be passed from one department to another.

Solas Wealth, LLC

Solas gives you the best of both worlds. We are a boutique, “family office” style wealth management firm with access to large resources. Here are 5 of our advantages: Personal Attention

The most important and impactful difference between Solas Wealth and an assembly-line big box firm is the relationship. While we have the breadth and resources of a large firm, you will experience a more intimate and responsive relationship with Solas Wealth. We’re a phone call away. We’ll take pride in knowing your name and treating you like family — rather than considering you as just another customer number.

No Bureaucracy

We have daily team meetings. If there’s an issue, we discuss it and solve it, and make it right. Our lines of communication are open. We don’t have to run an issue “up the flagpole” and wait for someone in a distant corporate office to get back with us before we can address the issue. We act fast on your behalf.


If we learn of a more effective process or software solution that will enhance our client service, we’re going to implement it as soon as possible. We have the technological expertise on our team to make improvements quickly.

Personalized Services

For decades we have been listening to clients tell us how they’d like to be served. That includes the content of our meetings, frequency of their progress reports, the technology used to access their information, and the protection of their sensitive details.

Niche Specialty

While we service a wide variety of financial planning and investment management needs, we are especially adept at guiding our clients through life’s many transitions – loss of a spouse, retirement, selling a business, relocating to a new city, divorce. Your life takes many twists and turns, and you need a financial planning partner that is agile enough to adapt with you.

If you value a personal relationship in managing your financial affairs, please consider Solas Wealth. We take great delight in seeing you experience the life you envision for yourself and those you love.

Please check out solaswealth.com for more information.

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