Your spectacular kitchen doesn’t have to be “expensive.”

by Clay Cox

by Clay Cox

by Clay Cox

We here at Kitchens by Clay are blessed with a wonderful situation. Our customers and potential customers walk into our stores and are amazed at how beautiful they are. We believe that is because our stores are well laid out, clean, not cluttered, easy to understand and completely finished thus making it easy for our customers to shop. However this blessing can sometimes be a two edged sword and that is the reason for this month’s article.

We have found that people get the impression that we are expensive just by walking into one of our showrooms. We understand completely why this is. As designers we have the talent, experience and capability to take a reasonably priced product and make it look spectacular.

kitchenLet’s take the phrase “reasonably priced.” In order to be able to say this we have to understand the local market and we do.

We are well aware of our competition, their product lines, service history and pricing.

In addition over the last 23 years we have filtered though cabinet manufacturer’s literally by the dozens to find the few that offer the product, service and pricing necessary to make the claim that we are in fact reasonably priced.

We demand the following from our suppliers: Value priced product with a quality look, solid construction methods, exemplary customer service and consistent delivery schedules. We also demand a wide variety of door styles and finishes at the same price-point so that we can offer you more.

The truth is we do have incredible looking showrooms and people are always impressed when they stop by. So come on in and experience the feeling of great service and the attention to your details that you deserve.

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Enjoy your remodel,
Clay Cox

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