You Make The Promise; We Will Help You Keep It!!

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

Lifestyles are easy to keep. Resolution adherence is much more difficult.

More gym memberships are started in January and over the next month or two adherence dwindles.

What you thought you wanted to do is recognized more as a chore and eventually the desire to show up and do your part to honor the commitment to yourself fades, then fails.

To succeed in this endeavor, make exercise like brushing your teeth. Include exercise in your lifestyle as a must do. After all, exercise is indeed medicine to your heart, mind and body. Each
of these get stimulated with oxygenated blood flowing through your arteries while deoxygenated blood is carted back to the heart to only then get pumped by the heart to your lungs for oxygen replenishment so that the final push out of the heart can supply your body with what is necessary to thrive for your activity.

Everybody is at a different level both physically and emotionally when it comes to exercise. There are various levels
of being in or out of shape. Despite where you start, the goals to persevere and improve go hand in hand with each person.

The body has tissue memory and likes to be in a state of homeostasis. Advancement of the body to a higher level involves stressing the current state that the body is in. This stress can simply be the initiation of a walking program which carries the weight of your body for every step, every stride. While walking, blood is pumped through the body, especially to the working muscles used in gait while also maintaining blood flow to the brain and other organs.

Circulation is pertinent to getting nourishment to the proper places. In addition to circulation, as the effort increases, the pulse will rise, the heart will pump more often to increase the oxygen transport as respiration brings in more oxygen. This is all a process that we tend to take for granted until the body does not seem to accommodate the demands placed upon it.

When activated properly the body learns to react and can propel the body to a new level or an old level that you once had and have now lost. That is the attempt at least….but you have to make the effort to do this.

Lifestyles need to include being physical in some form. This could mean repetitively getting up and down from a chair, setting up a walking program, participating in cycling, tennis, swimming or golf. Interval training can help exercise the heart and the muscles being used and even affect the body’s metabolism. The choices are endless!

When picking an activity to participate in, first and foremost, make sure that it is safe for you medically. Keep the exercise real with expectations that hard work and dedication will pay off as long as you start at the right level of fitness for you.

If you have medical conditions, have them checked out first so that you feel confident in starting participation in an activity.

Cardiovascular training occurs if you exercise enough to get your heart rate up in response to the physical stress. Over time, the pulse will drop for the same exercise because the body responds physiologically to the demands placed upon it. Then to get the heart rate up to advance to the next level, the activity must be perceived physically as harder.

Do not let your mental attitude about exercising obscure your judgement. Participation in a fitness program should include some sort of weight training. Weight training can be the stimulus that one needs to increase muscle size, thus increasing strength.

Muscle fibers lie in series and in parallel. A cross sectional increase in muscles directly increases strength. Muscle fibers in series affect the flexibility and elongation of muscles. If muscles are tight and restricted, this will have an effect on the compression of joints.

All of this needs to be taken into account. What exactly do you need to be a better you? You make the call, (239) 263-9348, we will help you find what it is that you need. Finding a professional to guide you is a key component to your success when it comes to exercising.

Many physical therapists are starting to get into the fitness end of getting the mechanics right and keeping your body aging gracefully. At Fitness Together, we have used this combination for over 17 years.

Find someone to help you succeed in your quest for a better image of yourself. Good luck persevering! Remember, a strong positive attitude towards goal achievement will then make you want to then set a new goal to climb even further into better health, a positive mind, and certainly a better body.

To Your Health!

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