WOUNDED WARRIORS OF COLLIER COUNTY Meet Our Very First Veteran Resident of the Delta House

Billy Clark

For those of you who may not know, Wounded Warriors of Collier County (WWCC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist with the needs of Veterans and their families, with focus on housing, mental health, and education to ensure no Veteran is left behind.

In the critical area of housing, the goal of our signature program, the Warrior Homes Initiative, is to achieve a “Functional Zero” designation, which states that every single Veteran desiring affordable or secure housing can have those needs met.

In support of this strategy, WWCC has opened four homes: The Alpha House (opened January 2020), Bravo House (opened April 2021), and the third home, the Charlie House, (opened April 2022).

Our newest home, the Delta House, is a 10-unit apartment complex that provides long-term supportive housing for up to 20 Veterans and is scheduled to open in 2023.

Not only was securing these homes a historic moment for our organization, but it was also also a win for our local Veterans. Thus, it is only fitting to shine a special spotlight on our very first Veteran Resident of the new Delta House!


Billy Clark and Sorora Brown

Born in Naples in 1993, Mr. Albert William “Billy” Clark started his life under difficult circumstances. The eldest of four children, Billy became accustomed at an early age to forgoing many of the normal joys of youth in order to help his single mother raise his three siblings.

Enlisting in the U.S. Army before graduating from Lely High School in 2012, Billy spent his post-graduation months enduring the rigorous basic and advanced infantry training programs at Fort Benning, Georgia. Upon completion, Private Clark served with the 1-25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1-5 Infantry Battalion at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, home of America’s Arctic Warriors. While serving there, Billy married his high school sweetheart as well.

With his wife, he chose to leave the Army life following his three-year term of service and return to Naples in 2015 to be close to his family. Upon returning, Billy worked a series of jobs to support his jobless young wife and to provide financial assistance to his siblings during the time his own parents were going through a divorce.

Unfortunately, Billy’s marriage would also experience a break-up, as marriages of enlisted service personnel often prove to be difficult—Billy’s was no exception. He eventually found the stress of such responsibility and the break-up too great to bear, which unfortunately lead to addiction.

He soon became homeless, living on the streets of our community, but he still had caring friends who put Billy in touch with Dale Mullin, President of WWCC.


An opening was not yet available, so Wounded Warriors of Collier County put the down and-out Veteran up in a motel until a bed became available. This jump start to stability allowed Billy to apply for placement at Hoops House, a noted long-term residential recovery center for men in Huachuca City, Arizona.

Billy was able to secure full-time employment with Military Brothers Moving, allowing him to support himself through John Hooper’s nine-month recovery program.

Upon Billy’s completion of the program, he moved back to Naples and resided at the Alpha House. In January 2022, because of his well-earned successful journey, he was chosen to be the Delta House’s first resident!

With WWCC’s continued support, we’re confident that Billy will eventually become self-sufficient and independent once again.

Good Luck, Billy!


To help support the Warrior Homes Initiative and WWCC, please visit www.wwcollier.org.

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