Where are the voters? a message from your publisher REG BUXTON

In the just finished Naples City Council election three numbers stand out 16,497 and 6,572 and 39.84. The first number 16,497 is the total of registered voters in the city of Naples. The second number 6,572 is the number of people who cast votes.

The third number 39.84 is the percentage of eligible voters who voted. Voter apathy has been likened to a sort of political depression where the voter feels hopeless and unable to be heard or have influence. Voter apathy occurs when eligible voters do not vote in
public elections.

Outside of election time voters may seem disillusioned with politicians in general or the whole political process. When a city is run by elected officials, unhappy and inactive citizens can present problems. As an example when very few citizens cast their ballot, the politicians elected may not represent the values and beliefs of the whole population.

Groups that have the power to get the vote out all did an outstanding job. They made the importance of the ballot box crystal clear. These groups included The League of Women Voters, the Democratic and Republican parties and some special interest groups. I am not upset with who won seats in the election but what highly irritates me is so FEW voters participated in the process. There was no reason for the abysmal numbers as voters had early voting, mail in voting and election day all as options to make their voices heard. The right to elect representation is a keystone in the founding of our country. You must be willing to use that hard won
right or be prepared to lose it.

Honorable Reg Buxton

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