WHATEVER HAPPENED to Thanksgiving?

Claudia Polzin Consultant to Nonprofits

Allow me some license – in whatever happened to Thanksgiving – recently I was looking for some linens for Thanksgiving and realized with horror (no pun intended) that commercially we celebrate Halloween and then skip right to Christmas. But Thanksgiving is pretty much forgotten – let’s try to remember it this year – and remember that with all of the chaos in the world we still have much to be thankful for.

In November there are things to enjoy in our area – and a fun night can be had at the Tobye Theatre at the Sugden Theatre –through November 17 laugh out loud at the hilarious Escanaba in Da Moonlight. This author has some first hand knowledge of the area where this play is set – the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – where I lived for 15 years. In this part of our country the opening day of deer season takes on epic meaning.

Many schools have that day off as an official holiday, many small businesses close and that day is requested as a vacation day in unbelievable numbers. But to be the one member of the family that has never “bagged a buck” is not acceptable and hunters go to any length to achieve that dream. Now in perfect disclosure – there are some deer blinds that resemble the major “man cave” and are quite comfortable; complete with recliners, televisions, etc. So enjoy an evening and learn about the importance of deer season in this part of our country.

On the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum you can see Fashioning Wearable Art at the Naples Art Association from November 5-26. This is the exhibition of the Scene to be Seen event being held at Flexjet at the Naples Airport – wearable art is beautiful and showcases another avenue of artists in our area.

Concerts in Cambier Park are alive and well during the month – November 3 – the Gulf Coast Big Band jazz concert at 2 pm.

November 10 is the Naples Concert Band and November 17 is the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band. We are definitely fortunate to have a variety of local musical groups that provide, on a regular basis, entertainment at a very reasonable price. Many are for donations and in some instances those donations not only cover the cost of the concert but are used to provide scholarships to local high school students. Lean more about the musicians in these groups – and for
most of them they are happy to talk after the concerts.

Just in case you might have missed it – this is the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven – so every classical venue in the country will have some works performed by Beethoven. As the year progresses it might become “overkill” but I recommend that you find your favorite Beethoven composition and enjoy it in light of
the celebration of Beethoven.

The Grand Piano Series concert on November 12 will feature Beethoven Piano Sonatas Nos 5,6,7 and 8. They will continue through the season with an additional four concerts featuring Piano Sonatas. Concerts are held at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, please see the Grand Piano Series website for more details.

November 17 – will be an opportunity to hear the fantastic Lively- Fulcher Pipe Organ at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. This concert will feature The James B. Cochran Organ Prize winner from Eastman School of Music. This award recognizes Dr. James Cochran who has been an integral part of our music family in Naples for over 25 years.

November 27 through December 22 – you can enjoy the play She Loves Me at the Sugden Theatre’s Blackburn Hall. This musical follows two clerks in an European parfumerie during the 1930’s. They feud with each other but find solace in their anonymous romantic pen pal connections only to find out that they are each other’s pen pal.
Enjoy all that our community has to offer and don’t forget to celebrate Thanksgiving

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