We’re Dreaming of a White Christmas… white diamonds that is

14K white gold ring with 0.75ct fancy white diamond and black diamond halo; Courtesy; Michael Jakubowski.

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Just when we thought we’d seen it all—white diamonds are here to bedazzle us. No, we’re not calling completely transparent colorless diamonds ‘white’. There really are lustrous translucent earth mined diamonds with these mesmerizing white tones. Because they are naturally occurring, they are identified as “fancy white diamonds” to distinguish them from colorless stones. Haven’t heard of them before? Well, no wonder. They are such a collector’s niche item that even many people in the diamond trade have yet to see one in person.

Designer’s Muse
Award winning Florida-based designer Michael Jakubowski says “I first learned there was such a (fancy white) diamond when I saw a photo of one appearing in Gems & Gemology trade magazine some 20 years ago.” He was so startled by this rarity that he had to look it up, he explains. “It was at that moment I knew I just had to have one since I was, and still am a collector of odd, unusual and rare gemstones.

How’d That Happen?
The allure of these uncommon diamonds is their milky white tint and how few appear in the market today. But imaginative designers like Jakubowski find those traits to be just the magnetic draw he’s looking for. They can come from India, or even Brazil, suppliers tell us. But what gives these diamonds their luminous tint? Experts say that the presence of nano-inclusions (visible only under high magnification) appear throughout a stone and work to scatter  light passing through the diamond.

Close up of a loose 0.75 carat
fancy white round brilliant diamond; Courtesy; Michael Jakubowski.

The result is a dreamy incandescent effect. Some people see a faint play of color that can result from the microscopic inclusions interfering with its light performance. All those explanations notwithstanding, we agree that rare is good and sometimes we’re simply yearning for something white at Christmas—Hanukkah, or any other way we enjoy marking the winter season.

White Themed Holidays
If you find yourself in the sub-tropics (a very good place to be in winter) but want something ‘white’ to memorialize this festive time, why not consider treating yourself or someone very special with a true white diamond? This is one jewel whose rarity will only be eclipsed by its wearer.

We’re dreaming that your holidays are filled with joy, love and laughter.

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