We WELCOME 2021 a message from your publisher Reg Buxton

Many things have changed in the past year. The City, its citizens and charities have adapted. City Council meetings
are now held with social distancing and via Zoom, citizens are mindful of social distancing and masks, charities are  rewriting the book on fundraising.

While things look different they are in some ways the same city and activities that we love. The Naples Players couldn’t have inside shows so they pivoted and did outdoor performances. They moved their education classes to virtual. They introduced to a new generation drive-in movies so families could safely get out for entertainment.

Cambier Park is back to hosting Bandshell concerts but with social distancing.

Artis-Naples reimagined their season and are now having performances but with much smaller audiences and distancing between all attending.

Baker Museum and Naples Botanical Garden are open but both require a timed ticket for entrance.

Naples Zoo no longer requires a pre-purchased timed entry ticket but capacity is being limited, social distancing is enforced and masks are required in certain areas.

Imagine Solutions Conference is still on but is now virtual with a different talk each day for six days.

Galas and fundraisers are still happening just in a different manner. They are offering limited in-person attendance, virtual only or a hybrid of both.

The greatest gala of all The Winter Wine Festival has gone virtual and we can’t wait to see it succeed! Something to think about as you debate whether to attend a virtual event. Normally when you purchase a ticket to a Gala for
say $350pp at least half and sometimes more of that figure goes to venue rental, food, wine and decorations. Trust me on this.

I have chaired over 20 Galas in this town, I know whereof I speak. However, purchase a ticket to a virtual Gala there is less overhead and more funds go directly to the charity’s needs. No matter the changes that 2020 brought, Naples is still Naples – philanthropic and culture loving.

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