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I toured the future C-43 Reservoir that is being constructed to clean the water before it goes downstream. The C-43 Reservoir is a component of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan and one of Governor DeSantis’ key priority projects. It will store approximately 55 billion gallons of local basin storm water runoff and releases from Lake Okeechobee.

The project will capture excess basin runoff and Lake Okeechobee releases, which in turn will improve timing and quantity of freshwater flows to the Caloosahatche Estuary. This will help to maintain proper salinity levels and allocated water supply to the local agricultural area adjacent to the reservoir.

In doing so it will protect both plant and wildlife. It is projected to encompass 10,500 acres. I was fighting for water quality long before it was a popular tag line. Preserving our endangered environment is of critical importance.  Protecting the remaining natural wetlands and flow ways in order to maintain existing natural storage and treatment capacity is a critical component to success.

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