The Village School of Naples, an independent school serving students in Preschool through 12th grade, announced it has been recognized by College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program as a Platinum member of its 2023 AP Honor Roll.

This designation places The Village School in an exclusive group of high schools – just 4,570 schools, or 30 percent of all private, public and charter high schools in the United States and Canada, are included on the 2023 AP School Honor Roll. And of those schools, just 886, or 6 percent of eligible high schools, achieved the top Platinum level.

“We are extremely proud to achieve this distinction, which is a reflection of our clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced college-level coursework,” said Dennis Chapman, Head of School for The Village School. “We currently offer 18 distinct AP classes, which provide an opportunity for our students to further stand out to colleges, earn college credit and placement, and potentially boost their grade point averages.”

Trevor Packer, Head of AP and Instruction for College Board, stated that students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to attend college and graduate on time. Students who enter four-year colleges with credit from AP accelerate their path to graduation and build confidence for college success. And even for those who don’t earn college credit, AP coursework provides early exposure to college-level work and culture.

Founded nearly four decades ago as a private institution for pre-school students, The Village School of Naples introduced an Upper School division for high school students in 2017. Since then, the school’s leadership has been strategically renovating and expanding the academic, arts and athletic facilities to accommodate current and future growth.

Located at 6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd., The Village School of Naples originally began as The Caring Place Preschool in 1985 as an outreach at North Naples United Methodist Church. In 2000, the church relocated to the present campus location and added The Village School, beginning with K-2 and 37 students. In 2006, the school was accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council.

In 2009, parents asked The Village School for a middle school to be added and soon after added the middle school one grade a year to complete the eighth grade. Four years later, the Board of Directors voted to add an upper school with 17 students in the fall of 2017.

In June 2020, The Village School celebrated its first-ever graduating class of seniors. The school currently has more than 135 upper school students and will graduate its largest senior class (35 students) this spring.

The Village School believes in a holistic approach to education, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also the development of character, empathy and a lifelong love of learning. We are fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools.

We also are members of the National Honor Society. For additional information:

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