by Erick Carter

If you’re pressed for time, nothing can save the daybetter than dry shampoo, but only if used correctly!

  • Keep it off the scalp. Dry shampoo is to be applied to the roots NOT the scalp. Applying to the scalp can cause your head to become itchy.
  • Divide, apply, and repeat. Make sure you are dividing the hair into small sections.
  • Don’t stop there. Once you have applied as above, flip your head over and massage it through your hair. This will help bring back the volume in your hair.
  • Limp hair? This is a great time to back brush to create volume. Use small sections while your hair is flipped over. Back brush each section and simply flip that section back in place. Add extra back brushing for more height, less back brushing where a tighter look is desired.

Washing your hair too often can produce more oil. So, try washing your hair every other day and use dry shampoo in between. I prefer Rusk Deepshine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo. It has a great fragrance and does not leave a powder residue.

Any questions?

I would like to invite all readers to write in your questions. You can do so by email at or call meat 239.777.2380.

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