Training Virtually or in Person? What is the right situation for you?

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

by Paula Allia – PT, DHSc, MTC, OC

A year ago many people could not imagine virtual training or training using precautions for Covid-19. Yet today, this virus continues to affect our world as we once knew it.

Yes, getting back to work so that people can have jobs and companies can continue to exist is an important part of life. Being safe and trying to take responsibility in not spreading the virus further is key for life to go back to a more normal. But, what does the current normal look like?

How can we all exist and act as normal as possible in today’s world? Well, Fitness Together (FT), in downtown Naples has been set up to do all of the right things. WE ALL NEED TODO OUR PART.

There are two options of training currently. The options are physically coming in to an exercise setting or virtually training online.

First, the most common method of training is in person. This allows a more personable relationship with your trainer and others.

At FT, we have been a unique personal training studio that has always catered to those who do not want to train in big boxed gyms. This atmosphere is much more functional for the current day worries of this pandemic as well.

There are private training suites equipped with all the equipment necessary to provide instruction in a fantastic training session. There is only one client and one trainer in a room at any given time. This works while also limiting your exposure. Also, we added even more cleaning to our already clean environment.

We work hard at keeping you safe while at the same time trying to make you escape from the outside environment and focus on you the entire training session. If so, the sky’s the limit to your training session.

Second, the more popular than ever is the newer virtual training model. This means that you will train online with a trainer that is watching your every move. There are several ways to do this.

At FT we use Facetime or Zoom. All you need is an electronic device such as your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. Virtual training has been part of the downtown FT Naples’ structure for over 12 years. It was initially set up for clients that travel out of state either on business or for an extended stay in another area.

This allows clients to continue to train to keep their strength, endurance, and cardiovascular system stimulated.

Consistency is pertinent to one’s health. Pumping blood works more efficiently with a good functioning heart. Hearts function differently depending upon if someone is heart healthy.

Strong lungs are key to be able to take in oxygen and transfer it to the blood so that it can be transported throughout the body where it is needed.

Muscle tone helps to enhance the tone around arteries and veins. Body parts work together while coordinating and trying to function as normal as possible.

The body is an amazing machine if you give it the right stimulus to thrive. Everybody is at a different level of function and will have a starting point that is unique to them. There is an art to sculpting the new you.

Life seemed to be put on hold in many instances yet keeping the body as healthy as it can be will promote a better chance of functioning better both physically and mentally in today’s world.

Normalcy in most instances can bring back peace to your heart and soul.

Participating in regular exercise is an option that everyone needs to consider.

Take back your freedom by having this little escape to make you feel that you are taking care of yourself.

To Your Health!

If you would like to find out more about this topic, please call Paula @ Fitness Together at (239) 263-9348.

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