Toofer & The Giblet greet the world with rave reviews

Toofer & The Giblet, two mice tucked away in the cozy world of Nimblewood are captivating audiences everywhere with their abiding friendship. The book’s immediate success is most clearly demonstrated by having earned a rave review from Kirkus Reviews, BlueInk Notable Book Seal and Starred review, as well as both the Gold and Silver awards in the categories of Fables and Chapter book, at Spring 2022 BookFest. This first book of the seven book series, will delight and inspire young readers, as well as those seasoned enough to already have an appreciation for classic literature.

Toofer & The Giblet brandishes a fresh approach to contemporary fiction for children, with the idea that modern kid-lit need not subscribe to the trendy, or transient, to make a point effectively. The rich dialogue shared between the book’s characters is witty and clever, while the characters wholly maintain a sense of innocence.

“These are the kinds of stories that leave imprints on our hearts, destined to become classics. Reminiscent of Frog and Toad, these charming tales illustrate all that is important in life. Kids will love them, but so will the adults lucky enough to be reading them out loud.”
– Firoozeh Dumas, Multi-award-winning New York Times Bestselling author of Funny in Farsi and Laughing Without an Accent.

On the surface, these books will teach children to value friendship, prize honesty, and act with integrity, but the real power of Toofer & The Giblet, besides the ability to amuse, lies in their appeal to everyone who prizes literature. While these crafty adventures and stand-alone stories maintain the ability to disarm readers of all ages, at the heart of this series is a deep kinship between two opposites, who are simultaneously innocent and wise.

This book of heartfelt stories is suggested for children ages 6-10 years and aspires to delight parents, grandparents, and teachers everywhere. LeBlanc, who began this series in 2010, said she had no idea how much she would love writing for children.

“Toof and Gib have become two of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” LeBlanc said. “Through these characters, I’ve learned so many things I thought I already knew—and they’re just fun!”

Stories filled with expressions of a life-long friendship between the two main characters are interwoven with laughter and tears, then brought to life with brilliant illustrations. Dmitry Morozov, the illustrator commissioned for the series, is an architect by training that fell in love with watercolor.

Dmitry is an extraordinary and naturally gifted artist based in Ukraine. “What I enjoy the most is being surrounded by children, friends, cats, and dogs. Toofer & The Giblet have been added to the list now. I’ve fallen in love with them”. Morozov said. “An amazing book and with each book in the series the magic grows.”

A Timid soul, most often gentle, Paired with a brash, oblivious chum, Presents a recipe for tears and laughter, In a timeless world, with no setting sun.

Thanks to Dragon Horse Publishing, middle grade accelerated reader book, Toofer & The Giblet, written by Paulette LeBlanc illustrated by Dmitry Morozov, has been released.

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