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Diana JarrettAh, the Naples lifestyle . . . accent on style, darling. There’s a chic nonchalance about our way of doing things elegantly but with ease. Is it our drop dead gorgeous backyard on the Gulf, or those balmy nights allowing us to linger over dinner al fresco?

Whatever it is, we’ve grown accustomed to a life that is at once elegant but with a casual air others can’t quite duplicate.

The Naples fashionista pulls together a look that is effortless but always on point. Jewelry designers now are more daring when it comes to creating one-offs for a confident woman like the Naples native. Gone are the days when the only stone one wore was the Trinity of Tried-and-True gems: emerald-rubysapphire.

Today’s collectors look for exotic stones with names like Chrysoprase, opaque and opulent. It’s the unique natural look of these stones that are so appealing. You never actually see the same thing twice. And these exotics are likely to be designed around their natural form, as illustrated here in Nina Nguyen Designs Maharani Opulence neckpiece. Nguyen favors natural stones for their artful individuality. And she treats these materials in a refreshing way, often leaving parts of the original stone intact, so the wearer is more connected to it in an organic way.

Chrysoprase necklace from the Maharani Opulence collection: Courtesy Nina Nguyen Designs

Chrysoprase necklace from the Maharani Opulence
collection: Courtesy Nina Nguyen Designs

You may only need to collect a few natural stone pieces to invigorate your wardrobe and give it a fresh modern vibe. Pair these gemstone lovelies with simple solid-color fabrics, and allow your accessories to hold center stage. Now go out there and enjoy a leisurely stroll down 3rd. You look fabulous.

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