They are out to get us!!!

The law of Home Rule is under attack by the Florida Legislature.

Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

What does this mean to you a resident of the City of Naples? In 1973 the Florida Legislature ratified Article VIII Section       2 ( b) the need for cities to have home rule. This right gives each city the flexibility to craft its own laws specifically to its own unique needs.

This right means any city can adopt its laws so long as the law doesn’t conflict with State or Federal law. What is Home Rule? Its LOCAL decision making, Self-government, CITIZEN centered solutions. Some of the common services include Safety, Parks, Water, Libraries, Roads. Home Rule gives the City the power to decide what services we want and to solve problems locally.

The Legislature seems to think that it knows what’s better for the Naples community then those of us that live here. They are listening to large corporations and not the citizens of Florida! In the last two years there have been 141 ATTACKS on Home Rule.

SHORT TERM RENTALS – Allowing mini hotels to operate in our neighborhoods

SMALL CELL EQUIPMENT – Letting corporate interests decide what our streetscapes look like with little input from local residents

LOCAL ELECTIONS – Telling us when we can hold local elections

PREEMPTIONS – Tying our hands so we are unable to solve local problems

UNFUNDED MANDATES – Passing policies with no means to fund them, which means the burden shifts locally to us.

It’s time to contact our State legislators, let them know how you feel and ask them to stop meddling in our backyards
Let your voice be heard. SPEAK UP!

Some information provided by the Florida League of Cities.

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