The Winners Circle Naples Style – May 2014

Sandra Lee Buxtonby Sandra Lee Buxton

If you know Scott Robertson then you know that he will give you the shirt off his back, literally. It does however come at a price and if you can imagine, people are willing to pay.

Naples second favorite auctioneer (Bill Barnett will always be first) will go to any length to help raise funds for the charity that he is working with. Scott has a unique style; first of all he is HAPPY , after that his enthusiasm generates enough energy that you can’t wait to get your bidder’s paddle into the air. He feels that people give to people not necessarily a cause, so for that brief period of time it is about a relationship. It is his strong belief that the night of the auction he is the ambassador for the charity. No one would disagree.

When his microphone is on, he states that it is imperative that the organization be shown in the best possible light. Fundraising he feels should be fun, have momentum and most importantly pull all of the guests into the “happening”. With cheers of joy coming from the audience after each item is sold and the high octane “Celebration” music playing in the background, well there goes your paddle again high into the air.

There is a reason for his success in raising money, he does his homework. Prior to accepting a role as a member of any charity team he has to believe in the mission. After that he has conversations with the charity leadership to find out why the money is needed and how it will be used. If he feels like he is in sync with the cause, he accepts the job and that alone will ensure the success of the charity event. Scott will tell you that when he is conducting an auction he has a laser focus with a specific goal in mind; it is
not unusual for him to surpass what was expected. That’s his job ensuring success.

Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson

It is Scott’s opinion that Naples is the most philanthropic city in America. He bases this on the fact that he networks with top fundraising auctioneers from around the country and the stories that they share. Being a part of the Florida Auctioneers Associates also keeps him informed about trends and techniques in this arena. He feels that those who lead and conduct charity work in Naples participate because they can and because it is the right thing to do. There are no glory seekers here, just work horses determined to help others through time, talent and treasure.

Locally he has worked with Naples Opera, Community School, Immokalee Foundation, Bayshore CAPA , American Cancer Society Bucket List Bash, Magic Under the Mangroves , AHA Heart Ball, Foster Kids and Seacrest County Day School to name a few. The common denominator here is that all of those charity events were
successful. Scott is a winner because he makes your priority his priority and partners for your success, job well done I would say.

To learn more about Scott and his fundraising background
you may visit his website at www.The or email to or even give this friendly gentleman a
call at 239.246.2139.

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