The Winners Circle – Naples Style – January 2016

Jack and Tina Nicholson

Jack and Tina Nicholson

Do you remember as a child lighting a sparkler on the 4th of July? There was a small fizz of sound a big burst of light and then tiny flashes of light extending up and then out. Well our Winner this month is just like that sparkler.

You’ll hear a little noise as she scurries around, then she lights up a room and small flickers of that light spray out positively affecting those around her.

Tina Nicholson is that person and she radiates a life of gratitude and joyfully encourages those that she meets. Certainly she has many fine qualities but the one that I admire most is her caring and generous support to and for others. When there is something to be done or organized she steps forward without hesitation. She has served as President of The Philharmonic League, Program Director for the International Women’s Club, Circumnavigators Board and currently the Latchkey League as First VP.

Tina supports her own charities of interest but she also helps friends with causes that they hold dear. She doesn’t just suggest what other people should be doing, she assists with the implementation of plans as well.

Endeavors that are important to her friends become important to her as well. Although many women are capable of hosting parties for a hundred people, not everyone is willing to do so. An elegant dinner party for twelve, again not uncommon in Naples, the difference is that none of these events benefit her the Hostess, they benefit others. She is also well known for her culinary skills.

Cooking large vats of food for the crowds that she entertains is second nature and appears easy. She shares her time, talent and treasure to raise funds or awareness on behalf of worthy causes, a Winner indeed. There is only one name when it comes to a gracious lifestyle of giving and that’s TINA, welcome to The Circle, and thank you for what you do on behalf of your community.

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