by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

I wake up every morning and get ready for work knowing I will be working side by side with my family.

My wife, daughters and brother in-law are with me every day, all day, doing our best to help our clients enjoy their remodel or construction experience. I can’t emphasize enough how important our family environment is to our clients.

We’ve been told on numerous occasions how much they enjoy their shopping experience when working with us and in general that they feel they will get the most attention to details, large and small, when working with our Kitchens by Clay family. And the truth is all of us are involved with every client in some way or another so the fact is they will be getting the best service that can be had.

The benefit of having my family with me in our business is multi-faceted. On the one hand we share the same goals and that’s to do the best we can for our clients and our family members alike. There is, I think, a certain sense of honor and integrity that comes with working closely with family. It seems as if we hold ourselves just a little bit more accountable for our actions than companies without family involvement.

It’s safe to say that we naturally care about each other, which makes it easy for us to do our best to make everyone’s day as pleasant as possible, including our own. Obviously doing the best we can for our clients helps to make our work environment much more comfortable and that can only contribute to making our jobs successful in the end.

The fact is we have the pleasure of running a business with owner engagement at all times. That is a rare and a great thing to be able to say about any business.

Naturally we have more than just our family to think about when we come to work every day. Our designers, office personnel and quality control folks have, over the years, become family members as well, which helps to make our company one cohesive unit both in thought and actions. In fact I think of my fellow workers as my faux children.

I figure they must be my faux children since they call me their “faux Pa.”

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