The Perilous Consequences of an Open Border by Congressman Byron Donalds

Too often in politics, critical issues are dehumanized into partisan talking points and one off soundbites. This is emblematic of the conversation surrounding the historic border crisis our nation is currently enduring. For years, Democrats and their activist base sloganeered, “Abolish ICE,” “No Human Is Illegal,” “Walls Don’t Work,” and cried racism against those simply calling for the safety and security of the American people.

As a result, President Joe Biden implemented 64+ open borders executive actions and caused what would rapidly become the worst national security and humanitarian catastrophe in modern American history. Over 300 days ago, House Republicans passed our solution to this crisis, H.R. 2 – “The Secure The Border Act” and, ever since, Senate Democrats have refused to even consider debating our proposal. Meanwhile, if Joe Biden simply reversed his initial executive actions, the crisis would be over tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Biden will not reverse course. Our cities are overrun and Americans throughout all corners of our nation are bearing the perilous consequences of an illegal alien crime wave. It is important that the victims of these shocking and completely avoidable tragedies are never forgotten.

In Kenner, Louisiana, an illegal alien committed armed robbery of a family home, raped a 14 year old girl who was in the home and subsequently stabbed her father. Similar attacks have been seen across the five boroughs of New York City. In Brooklyn, an organized gang of illegal aliens robbed a 62 year old woman and dragged her down the street with their moped until she careened into a steel pole. In Manhattan, a mob of illegal aliens attacked and beat New York Police Department officers who were patrolling Times Square. Various members of the mob were arrested and displayed their middle-fingers to national press while being booked.

Also receiving nationwide attention, 2 year old toddler Jeremy Poou-Caceres was shot alongside his mother by an illegal alien in Langley Park, Maryland, and succumbed to gunshot wounds at a hospital in Washington, D.C. Just days ago, 27 year old Washington State Trooper Christopher Gadd was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver who collided with his patrol car in Marysville, Washington and in Chicago, Illinois, a 27 year old woman was murdered by an illegal alien cartel member in an unexpected drive-by shooting.

Most notably, 22 year old nursing student Laken Riley was murdered by an unvetted, illegal alien while exercising in a local park in Athens, Georgia. The culprit illegally entered our nation in 2022 and had illegally resided in New York before moving to Georgia. While living in New York, the culprit was arrested various times but never deported.

In the Sunshine State, we are also unfortunately not immune to this crisis. In Polk County, 21 illegal aliens were just arrested in a human trafficking sting which law enforcement officials tracked back to Joe Biden’s open border policies. In a shocking declaration, Polk County Sherriff Grady Judd explained that the Department of Homeland Security offers illegal aliens permits that allow them to fly for free across the nation. Illegal alien victims of human trafficking are shepherded by illegal alien oppressors, and they are flown across the nation for prostitution.

Since Joe Biden became president, over 7 million unvetted illegal aliens have entered our nation while only around 1,400 known terrorists have been caught. This also doesn’t account for the millions of “got-aways” who evaded Border Patrol completely.

The reality is: Our nation is experiencing a crime wave perpetuated by unvetted illegal aliens because we have a president and an administration that fell for the mindless rhetoric of the far left.


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