The People Who Contribute and People with a Passion for Life

People who Contribute – It would be hard to find something tangible to give to Dave Addison to honor his forty-five years with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. This is because his work saving the sea turtles has always been what he considers to be his greatest gift to himself.

… sweltering mosquito-filled days, the boot grabbing mangrove fringes, and the no-see-ums nights … the exhausting hours on end trying to understand and protect the sea turtle hatchlings … Addison continues to make is contributions to The Conservancy and the world.

Perhaps, one of the most enduring and continuing legacies of his work will be the number of interns he has inspired … those
who, because of their many hours of joint efforts, had the thrill of watching the hatchlings head to the sea across the beaches of Keewaydin Island. And, thereafter, decided to make protecting the environment the core of their life’s work.

People with a Passion– A graduate of Naples Barron Collier’s high school class of 1989, Nick Shirghio became an avid nature photographer, ocean kite flyer, biking enthusiast, hiker, fisherman and kayaker. All at an expert level.

He is quick to say that the beauty of Naples and its surrounding areas were his inspiration growing up. “I did not watch television. I spent my time outside exploring the unique beauty of this area and learning to use the camera to share and preserve those precious scenes forever.”

Nick gives a lot of credit for his photographic skills to his mentor and idol, another native son and professional photographer, the late Bill Minarich. “Bill taught me that to be a great photographer, one has to have an artist’s acuity and sensitivity coupled with the technical photographic skills to capture the spirit of what is being observed. He also taught me what being a good human being really means.”

Nick does work for many outdoor brands, but fortunately for Thomas Campbell and Richard Prebish, of William Raveis Real Estate, he also brings his same passion to photographing their customers’ high-end real estate properties.
“Tom and Richard require that I capture the spirit of the home … show it in a way that best displays the home as a living
work of art … one that customers want to visit immediately.

When I look through the lens, I want to compose a shot that shows the potential of a property to enhance a life well lived.”
When asked what he felt most fortunate about, Nick responded, “My family, my friends, and growing up in Naples

Tom Campbell

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