All the world’s a stage, and in true Shakespearean form, The Naples Players present Shakespeare-on-the-Plaza annually outside center stage on our beautiful 5th Avenue South. In a continued  artistic effort to bring free and accessible  Shakespeare to the Naples community, The Naples Players, celebrating their 65th theatre  season, present The Bard’s magical comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream outside on their Baker Stage on 5th Avenue’s Sugden Plaza.

Spinning the tale of mismatched lovers in an Athenian forest, stuck under the magical spell of the mischievous fairy Puck, director John McKerrow leads a talented group of 10 actors who seamlessly flip (with ornate onstage costume changes) between 24 different characters in this comedy of the ages.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, written by William Shakespeare  in 1595-1596, is a mischievous and light comedy, which consists of four plots, interconnected by the wedding celebration of Theseus the Duke  of Athens and the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta.

The classic story is about order and chaos, reality and appearance, and love and marriage. The Naples Players cast includes Mark Vanagas as Theseus and Oberon, Alisa Marie Coccari as Hippolyta and Titania, Kylie Campbell as Puck, Egeus, Snout and Moon, Kacey Canas plays Hermia, Jennifer Valiente is Helena and Mustardseed, Zachary Pachol is Lysander, Ty Bolen plays Demetrius, Snug and Lion, David Whalley is Bottom and Pyramus, Robert Ball is Peter Quince, Prologue, Wall and Cobweb, and Shelley Gothard plays Flute, Thisbe and Peaseblossom.

The production’s costume designer, Mark Vanagas, has created a truly magical collection of costumes—all hand-built, sewn, embellished and embroidered within the talent of The Naples Players costume shop. Oberon and Titania, the Fairy King and Queen, are adorned in earthy and flowery designs respectively with the art in the details: twisted shimmery fabrics to look like forest vines, leaves, and hanging silk flowers,  sumptuous velvet sewn together with metallic silver thread as woven with true magic.

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