THE JUDITH AND MARVIN HERB FAMILY SIMULATION CENTER Offers Hi-Fidelity, Realistic Training Equipment for New and Seasoned NCH Staff

Paul Hiltz, President/CEO, FACHE

The Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center (Sim Center) is revolutionizing medical training and practice for NCH Healthcare System staff members, with state-of-the-art educational equipment that is highly realistic to the work environment; ultimately improving patient outcomes and experiences.

I am excited to announce that The Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center has been awarded a grant opportunity of $1 million by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. To receive this grant, NCH must raise $1 million towards the Herb Family Simulation Center before May 1, 2023. Gifts of any size contributed within the allotted time period to the simulation program will count toward the Schulze Family Foundation challenge grant.

The Herb Family Simulation Center is an invaluable resource that dramatically improves patient outcomes at NCH. Comparable to flight simulation training used in the airline industry, simulation training provides realistic clinical scenarios that allows healthcare professionals to practice new procedures and explore cutting-edge technologies, alongside providing a collaborative space for complex problem-solving and community involvement.

A temporary facility was opened in May 2021, specializing in sector leading simulation training and has already had a marked improvement on patient care.

In one example, medical professionals transformed and implemented protocols to cut the time it takes to treat a life-threatening heart attack by half.

The permanent 10,000-square-foot center is set to open early 2023 and will build on the current success in using high-tech robotic “patients” to mimic real-world medical scenarios. Due to the astonishing complexity of these robots and their similarity to real humans, the clinicians and community partners can perform life-like patient exams, care, and procedures.

Simulation training results in 90% retention of learning material, compared to 10%-40% retention with traditional classroom lectures and clinical observation.

Beyond its primary use in training NCH medical professionals, the center also serves as a resource for local schools, universities, emergency medical services, police training, and private medical practices.

To date, the center has provided training for the Collier County Flight Helicopter Team, Naples High School science department, and Collier County school nurses. Volunteer community members have also visited the center as actors, taking on the roles of patients to heighten the realism of training exercises.

Contributions of all sizes are both welcome and greatly appreciated to help reach the $1 million goal. To make a donation to the Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center, please call 239-624-2015. For more information on the Sim Center, contact Operations Manager Hope Goodwin, RN, MSN, CEN, CHSE at (239) 624-1253 or email

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